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1. Coaching and/or Hypnosis Packages

I offer 3 and 6 month packages. This consists of 4 sessions per month 

2. 4 Week Intensive Hypnotherapy Programs

3. Past Life Regression

Sessions consist of 

Life Coaching

Life coaching helps you to establish high self-esteem to access a deeper sense of awareness and trust in yourself. I will give you proven tools and techniques to deeply examine yourself and breakthrough barriers holding you back. If you're ready to dive deep into your beautiful self, I'd love to help facilitate that.


Do you feel stuck, or do you need help moving past a serious obstacle in your life? Would you like to discover hidden abilities, resilience, strength and confidence within yourself?

Hypnosis is a proven and effective tool to facilitate empowering shifts, break bad-habits and boost confidence.

Learn more about hypnosis here

Hi, I'm Stacia!


Thanks for visiting my site! As a clinical hypnotherapist and life coach, I specialize in issues like: codependency, anxiety, trauma and  relationship issues. Nothing brings me greater joy than facilitating deep inner healing work for my clients AND it works!! This joy and passion grew from my own experiences in and awakening from many years of suffering. If you're looking for guidance, feel free to send me a message. I look forward to connecting with you!


With gratitude,



What People Say

“Stacia is a remarkable healer! She gave me the focused energy and genuine concern needed to help cater the session to my unique issue. Throughout the therapy, I felt safe and in gentle hands. Afterward, I felt renewed and noticed a new edge on old, tired patterns that had been causing me pain. I'd definitely recommend Stacia.” 


Amanda H.

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