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Courageous Self Embodiment
Six Month Program


If you lack motivation, feel lost and burned out...


If you’re floating through life in a haze...


If you find yourself hoping that the universe will take a turn in your favor… Read on.

Ready to Reveal What’s Stopping You From Soaring?

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I used to wake up every morning feeling like shit about myself. 


I was in relationships that didn’t value who I was. I was overworked and underappreciated. I felt like I was in a constant loop - always having these repeating patterns in my life.


And then one day, I figured out the cause of it, and it was the lies in my subconscious. 


That’s why I’ve gone on to create this incredible program for women, who are overachievers, yet feel like they are never enough. It  addresses these core issues, so that at the end of six months, they can move into the total embodiment of who they really are. They can show up and attract relationships that are worthy of them. Their entire life just changes and it happens almost effortlessly....

I help overachieving women, who feel lost, strip away the lies they were taught, feel seen, valued and loved, so they can maximize their relationships and careers - 100x faster than traditional therapy!

In my experience, I have met so many women who work hard to be the best that they can be and they’re so stressed. They feel so disempowered because they’ve been conditioned as children to believe they’re not enough. That lie of “not enough” follows them into all areas of their life and makes it impossible to have loving relationships, or healthy boundaries. All they want is to live a full life with confidence, but they can’t figure out the steps to change it.


My clients come to me feeling: 

  • Undervalued at work and totally burnt out

  • Unmotivated and lacking passion for life

  • Questioning what their purpose is

  • In a constant battle with their bodies

  • Fed up with dating and relationships 

  • Over-giving and struggling to ask for what they need

And I get that because that was my journey, too. I used to find myself constantly battling self doubt and feeling undervalued in work and relationships. I didn’t know how to ask for what I needed and had terrible boundaries. I tried to do everything on my own until I just burned out. I’d find myself numbing out to cope with stress and it felt like I was in a constant loop of this, until I cracked the code. 

And that’s why I created the Courageous Self Embodiment Program, which addresses this issue of feeling not enough, goes deep into the subconscious mind and roots out all of the masks and false selves. It gets to the root of why you have these patterns, and I’m so excited about it. When we work together over six months, you will:

✔️ Uncover subconscious obstacles that are hindering you from moving forward in your life and “de-hypnotize” you from the things that are holding you back


✔️ Guide you to access your own source of self-energy, which will ultimately be the key to your growth and healing


✔️ Discover healthier ways of expressing yourself, develop healthier relationships, build empowering habits, ignite your passion for life, and most importantly, create an unshakeable sense of self-confidence that will guide you to living the life that you really want to live


✔️ Make a commitment to self-love and growth that will positively seep into everything you do, changing the lens through which you view the world for the better


In six months, you will have healed all the self sabotage and child programming that stops you from making the money you deserve, having the loving relationships you desire and living the life of your dreams. You will experience: zero resistance, zero self sabotage, full throttle momentum towards the life you are meant to live, self love, healing, loving relationships, and exceptional health.

Investing in YOU is a big decision. Working together is a commitment to your personal growth and requires deep courage and vulnerability. 


But if you choose to do so, I’ll ask the questions that reveal hidden truths about what’s silently been holding you back. 


My approach is compassionate yet wildly rewarding for you, the client. 


I’ll help you: 


✨ Recalibrate and find wholeness within yourself 


✨ Identify and remove your subconscious limiting beliefs


✨ Uncover and heal past traumas


✨ Love and accept all parts of yourself


✨ Find inner strength by showing your feelings with authenticity


✨ Gain clarity in the haze and take steps towards your monetary, emotional, and spiritual goals


✨ Find and forge your unique path (what you were born to do)

Take the First Step to Courageous Self Embodiment with a Free Consultation


In order to see if I am the right guide for you, I offer a complimentary 30-minute discovery call, which you can schedule below.

On this call, we will:

  • Assess your goals

  • Discover the lies that are holding you back

  • Begin to set a plan for how you are going to begin to embody more of who you truly are and live the life you want to live


No obligations, no commitments. 


Are you ready to look further, reach higher, and achieve greater?