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If you’ve ever felt like you’ve been dealt a difficult hand... 


If you’re floating through life in a haze...


If you find yourself hoping that the universe will take a turn in your favor… Read on.

Ready to Reveal What’s Stopping You From Soaring?

Get Guidance to Your Best Self Yet


Life can be overwhelming. And trying to navigate the complexity of human consciousness and emotion can leave many lost.


But what if I told you that you can empower yourself to live a life that’s fully aligned with your authentic self? Where confidence, self-love, and self-assurance radiates from within?


Despite how hard you may be trying to grow into the best version of yourself, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel stuck. This is okay! 




It just so happens that you’re in the perfect place, exactly where you’re meant to be. And I can help you to see that any challenges you might be facing now are truly there to serve you, to help you become all that you are. 


But you may need guidance to navigate the confusion and get to where you need to be sooner. I can help you:


✔️ Uncover subconscious obstacles that are hindering you from moving forward in your life and “de-hypnotize” you from the things that are holding you back


✔️ Guide you to access your own source of self-energy, which will ultimately be the key to your growth and healing


✔️ Discover healthier ways of expressing yourself, develop healthier relationships, build empowering habits, ignite your passion for life, and most importantly, create an unshakeable sense of self-confidence that will guide you to living the life that you really want to live


✔️ Make a commitment to self-love and growth that will positively seep into everything you do, changing the lens through which you view the world for the better


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Make Magnificent, Eye-Opening Discoveries About Your Potential 


Let’s face facts for a moment: most of us live in denial, rarely confronting our inner demons head-on. We hope and pray that things will improve, metaphorically rubbing the belly of the Buddha for good fortune in our mind’s eye.


It’s easy to believe that we’ve been dealt a hand and that our circumstances are out of our control. But so much of the human experience is within our control. 


Realizing the power of “inner work” will open the doors to what we’re truly capable of. 


It’s only when you start asking the right questions that you can make inner strides to happiness and greatness. 


The questions may start you on the journey, but true commitment to self-growth is the key to activating your untethered potential. 

Tap Into Self-Love, Confidence, and Emotional Steadiness with Certified Life Coach Stacia


Investing in YOU is a big decision. Working together is a commitment to your personal growth and requires deep courage and vulnerability. 


But if you choose to do so, I’ll ask the questions that reveal hidden truths about what’s silently been holding you back. 


My approach is compassionate yet wildly rewarding for you, the client. 


I’ll help you: 


✨ Recalibrate and find wholeness within yourself 


✨ Identify and remove your subconscious limiting beliefs


✨ Uncover and heal past traumas


✨ Love and accept all parts of yourself


✨ Find inner strength by showing your feelings with authenticity


✨ Gain clarity in the haze and take steps towards your monetary, emotional, and spiritual goals


✨ Find and forge your unique path (what you were born to do)


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 But Who Am I To Guide You To Light and Success?


'Hi, Stacia Aashna here, Certified Life Coach, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Registered Yoga Teacher, and personal growth devotee. I’ve stood on the front lines with my clients for years as they’ve battled pain and limiting beliefs that have stripped them of joy for so long. 


But more important than my credentials is my story. 


I suffered from clinical depression and anxiety that left me distressed and in despair, crushing any sort of self-esteem I had been clinging on to. But as I pulled myself out and pieced myself together, I fell in love with the healing process and knew my purpose was to help others do the same. 


Through this, I’ve built a system that encompasses real-world methodologies with industry-leading practices. 


When you realize that inner work really does radically change your outer world, you’ll uproot what you’re truly capable of. 

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On this call, we will:

  • Assess your goals

  • Discover the lies that are holding you back

  • Begin to set a plan for how you are going to begin to embody more of who you truly are and live the life you want to live


No obligations, no commitments. 


Are you ready to look further, reach higher, and achieve greater? 


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