Curious about working with Stacia?

Please listen to this long-time client's review of their work together:

Investing in YOU is a big decision. Working together is a commitment to your personal growth and requires deep courage and vulnerability. This is a journey that is also highly rewarding and expansive. My clients often remark that even after one or two sessions, they experience a powerful shift in their lives. It is my intention that through our work together, we create LASTING CHANGE to EMPOWER your life.

I offer multiple programs and contracts to fit YOU, including:

  • A ten session program to help you Get Rid of Anxiety Forever

  • A ten session Body Acceptance Program for those looking to find deeper love and acceptance within

  • Past Life Regression Therapy

  • Hypnotherapy to treat a range of issues from the physiological to the emotional and spiritual

  • Ongoing Life Coaching incorporating a range of therapeutic techniques, in which you receive will my laser focus and attention to support your goals

  • Couples Therapy via the Gottman Method for those looking to heal, revitalize and empower their relationships

In order to see if I am the right guide for you, I offer a complimentary 30 minute coaching call, which you can schedule below.

On this call, we will:

  • Assess your goals

  • Discover the lies that are holding you back

  • Begin to set a plan for how you are going to begin to embody more of who you truly are and live the life you want to live

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